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Rising Interest Rates


After more than a generation of declining U.S. interest rates plan sponsors are once again facing the risks and opportunities posed by rising interest rates. Understanding changes in the current interest rate environment and how those changes could impact retirement plan investment options can help plan sponsors evaluate their current investment lineups.

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What Exactly Is ESG Investing?


Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing has become increasingly popular as an investing methodology for endowments, foundations, and large pension plans. In this article, we cover ESG criteria, strategies, and challenges investors encounter when using ESG factors to align portfolio investments.

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Engaging Millennials at Work


Millennials catch a lot of flak when it comes to their work habits and financial situations. Their reputation precedes them in some employers’ estimations. But understanding the forces that have shaped their professional and financial decisions—and what can be done to respond to them—can help employers create greater loyalty and engagement.

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DOL’s Fiduciary Rule Vacated…Now What?


The deadline for the Department of Labor (DOL) to appeal the decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit that the DOL overreached its designated role, has come and gone. An official mandate issued by the court is expected soon.

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Fiduciary Update | August 2018


In this quarter’s Fiduciary Update, CAPTRUST’s Drew McCorkle provides an update on topics such as retirement summary plan descriptions, fiduciary liability in what is unsaid, liability for prior or subsequent fiduciaries’ actions, mistaken plan distributions, and recent fee litigation cases and settlements.

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Fiduciary Update | May 2018


In this quarter’s Fiduciary Update, CAPTRUST’s Drew McCorkle provides an update on topics such as the DOL striking down the conflict of interest rule, fiduciary process controls, and employer life insurance litigation.

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Fiduciary Update | February 2018


In this quarter’s Fiduciary Update, CAPTRUST’s Drew McCorkle provides an update on topics such as lost participants, the delay of the fiduciary rule, and other fee related litigation.

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Fiduciary Update | November 2017


In this quarter’s Fiduciary Update, CAPTRUST’s Drew McCorkle provides an update on the DOL's conflict of interest rule for other investor protections, late loan payments as taxable distribution, pension overpayments, and other fee related litigation.

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April 2018 CAPTRUST Market Update


In this market update video, CAPTRUST Chief Investment Officer Kevin Barry discusses the impact of mid-term elections, tariffs, and other hot news items on the capital markets.

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Need Help Navigating Investment Responsibilities?


A well-constructed investment lineup with ongoing oversight is critically important when managing a defined contribution plan. Some plan sponsors may feel they have the knowledge and expertise to select and monitor plan investments on their own or with limited assistance from a fiduciary. Others, either uncomfortable making investment decisions or interested in outsourcing the work or liability, may be best served by hiring a 3(38) investment manager.

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Conducting an Effective Advisor RFP Process


Retirement plan advisors can help plan sponsors by assisting with plan design, participant engagement, investment, fiduciary process, and vendor management issues related to overseeing a retirement plan. Finding the right advisor can be made easier by following a process that includes a comprehensive advisor RFP.

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