What We Do

CAPTRUST Financial Advisors specializes in providing investment advisory services to retirement plan fiduciaries, endowments, and foundations, and comprehensive wealth planning services to executives and high-net-worth individuals.

Retirement Plans

CAPTRUST is one of the country's leading providers of investment and fiduciary services to retirement plan sponsors. We work with corporations, educational institutions, and not-for-profit organizations to help them manage their retirement benefit programs more effectively.

Please visit the pages below to learn more about the services CAPTRUST offers for retirement plan:

  • Defined Contributions Plans - Investment and fiduciary services for 401(k), 403(b), and other defined contribution plans. In addition to 3(21) investment advisory services, we offer 3(38) investment management for plan sponsors interested in discretionary services.
  • Defined Benefit Plans - Investment and fiduciary services for defined benefit pension plans.
  • Nonqualified Executive Benefits - Investment and plan management services for nonqualified deferred compensation plans.

Whether they have a 401(k), 403(b), defined benefit, or nonqualified deferred compensation plan--or some combination of them, CAPTRUST can help them answer the questions that matter to them:

  • Are our retirement benefits competitive and do they put our employees in a position to successfully retire when the time comes?
  • Are we using the right investment vehicles? Are they priced competitively and performing well?
  • Are the vendors and service providers we are using competitive and reasonably priced for the services being rendered?
  • Are our plans designed effectively to achieve our goals as an employer--and our employees' retirement needs?
  • Do we have the right processes in place to monitor and document the important fiduciary decisions we make for our organization's retirement plans?